Children’s Charter

 IMG_9586Child Rights on the North Shore

Through the work of agencies and organizations that partner with the Early and Middle Years Planning Tables on the North Shore, a North Shore Children’s Charter has been developed.  Our Children’s Charter is derived from 42 Articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is endorsed by 191 countries, including Canada.  For more information, check out:!uncrc-simplified-version/c1vtj

The North Shore Children’s Charter is in the process of community endorsement.

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Community Support for Child Rights

Communities that support the rights of ALL children contribute to positive outcomes for their children, and for the entire community.

Five top reasons to support Child Rights in your community:

  1. Children growing up in communities that support child rights are more likely to be resilient, self-confident, and respectful of others
  2. Children growing up in communities that support child rights are more likely to do better in school
  3. Children that know their rights are more likely to respect the rights of others
  4. Community support for the well-being of children leads to healthier and safer communities in years to come.
  5. A community focus on child rights encourages policy-makers to put the needs of children first.


 The Right to Play:  Our Gallery of Children’s Art

Artist Therese Joseph engaged after-school students at Parkgate Community Centre and Norgate Community School in a number of art projects to increase their awareness of the Right to Play as an important child’s right.

red-hair girl high res

 The Little Red-Haired girl

Upside down boy jpeg

The Upside-Down Boy


A Bedroom at Arles:

4 Cats Studio with children from West Vancouver Child Development Centre