Family Friendly Communities


A Family Friendly Community is Everybody’s Business!

Family Friendly Communities are safe for adults and children, supportive, inclusive, respectful of diversity, respectful of the environment, and striving to make everyone feel welcome. It takes everyone in the community to make this work.

In a Family Friendly Community:

  • Parks are clean, safe, and available to children and adults
  • Traffic-free areas are created for children to play
  • Child Rights are respected
  • Adults are positive role-models for children
  • Essential community programs for children are available at low cost

In a Family Friendly Workplace,

  • Flexible work hours for parents lead to fewer absences, higher productivity and less staff turn-over
  • Supported working parents are more likely to stay with your organization, work harder                                         

In a Family Friendly Business,

  • Families with children will be more likely to return
  • They will be more likely to encourage their friends to visit your premise
  • They will be more likely to support your product, program or service
  • A family friendly business is a strong part of a community!