About Connect for Kids

Connect for Kids (C4K) is the Early Childhood Planning Table of the North Shore and is presently comprised of over 30 agencies and organizations that support early childhood development on the North Shore.


A community where children 0-6 and their families thrive.


To increase the capacity of the North Shore community to collaboratively provide inclusive programs, information and resources for children 0-6 and their families that support cognitive, physical, social and emotional health, safety and responsible engagement.


The purpose of the Connect for Kids Early Years Planning Table is to promote positive early childhood outcomes across the North Shore via: community capacity building; establishment and implementation of shared strategic priorities; shared research and learning; and collaborative responses to current and emerging issues.


Connect for Kids works to:

  • Increase community capacity – our community comes together, partnerships develop and we learn how to work together collaboratively to enhance opportunities for children and families.
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency – in coming together, community partners learn how to work more effectively and efficiently with their collective resources to enhance opportunities for children and families.
  • Engage “hard to reach” families – in an effort to increase access to services for ‘hard to reach’ families, we undertake a range of activities to ensure that all families access necessary supports and services.
  • Increase opportunities for early identification and screening – we explore new opportunities and approaches for early identification, including preconception, universal newborn and toddler screening and using strength –based approaches.
  • Improve outcomes for children and families – we focus on early childhood development in ways that make a significant difference for children, families, service providers and the community at large.

Guiding Principles

The Connect for Kids Early Years Planning Table Partners are committed to a planning model that:

  • Is child and family centered
  • Is based on consensus and collaboration
  • Demonstrates respect for community and parent expertise
  • Supports opportunities and programs that are inclusive and appropriate
  • Provides programs and services that identify and address barriers
  • Provides programs that target the hard-to-reach
  • Provides universal support for children 0-6 and their families
  • Develops programs that are research-based, built on relevant EDI, community and early childhood data
  • Builds on the strengths of, and recognizes the diversity of, existing programs and relationships

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