North Shore Children & Youth Mental Health and Addictions

Mental health services for young children, children in school and young adults.

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301-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver BC
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Our programs serve diverse populations, including young children, children in school and young adults. Some services are provided in languages other than English. Mental Health teams may include nurses, counsellors, occupational therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, social workers and support staff. Each team is unique, with the mix of staff and services reflecting the needs of each community and population.
Our mental health programs offer a range of services including:

Therapy (individual, group, and family therapy)
Psycho-pharmacological treatment, day programs and parent education.

Our services are available to children and youth who live in the areas served by Vancouver Coastal Health.

Age ranges may vary by program.

Is there any cost for these services?
These services are free-of-charge.

In North Vancouver and West Vancouver 604-904-4300
Intake is done in person at the Ministry for Children and Family office at 301-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver BC,

Monday to Sunday 8am-9pm

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