North Shore Restorative Justice Society

North Shore Restorative Justice Society develops, promotes and provides restorative approaches to strengthen community and prevent and heal harm caused by conflict and crime.

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147 East 14th Street North Vancouver, BC V7L 2N4
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The North Shore Restorative Justice Society runs two main programs: the Restorative Response Program, and Circles in Schools.
Circles in Schools is a strengths-based program that gives our children and youth the skills to transform conflict, heal relationships, and create stronger communities themselves. Trained facilitators provide group activities and facilitated dialogues that promote and develop strong communication and conflict resolution skills, social responsibility, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness. In building capacity for restorative principles and practices, we envision a more inclusive, cohesive, safe, and healthy school environment.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy that looks at crime and conflict as a breakdown between people and relationships. The Restorative Response Program acknowledges that when a crime occurs it impacts the victim, community, and offender, and therefore in order to resolve or to start to heal the harm, all people affected need to be part of the conversation. The Restorative Response Program responds to incidents of crime and conflict in the community, with the goal of providing peaceful and collaborative processes to address conflict, heal harm, and repair relationships. This program receives youth and adult referrals from the RCMP, West Vancouver Police Department, Victim Services, and community agencies such as schools, municipalities and non-profit groups.

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